Cleaning detergents and solvents


McDonough Carpet Cleaning only uses the best cleaning detergents and solvents.

All detergents and Solvents are save to use around pets and children


McDonough Carpet Cleaning has won the Angie's List super service award for the last 5 years  ​


Green Cleaning detergents

We offer a full Green Cleaning line of detergents if requested

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Spot cleaning:
McDonough Carpet Cleaning is able to remove most stains and soils including the following treatments:

-Pet Stain and odor removal

-Paint, and Tar removal

-Red Spot (Kool-Aid or Gatorade) stains

-Rust Stains

-All human and animal biological stains


Speed dry treatment:
Our typical dry time is 4 -6 hours. If you would like your carpet dried faster, we can use high speed floor fans to greatly reduce the dry time


Cleaning detergents

Our equipment

McDonough Carpet Cleaning is a small local family based business.

When you call McDonough Carpet Cleaning, you will speak with either Patrick or Tiffany McDonough to schedule your service.

Patrick McDonough will be the one to come to your home or business to preform the service

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McDonough Carpet Cleaning offers 100% satisfaction​

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Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning System


Our powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning System produces 240 degree water and 1000 PSI pressure that will always leave your carpets clean


Rotovac RX-20 Powerscrub

we use a Rotovac RX-20 rotary carpet cleaning wand that will remove the most stubborn stains 



McDonough Carpet Cleaning